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Jun 23 2013

Introduction to Induction

Induction was only four days but it simultaneously felt so long, and so short. Even though I missed most of one day to go see my little brother graduate high school, I still felt completely engulfed in this awesome experience. And yes (as you may have heard), it felt almost exactly like college orientation. I…

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Jun 13 2013

Teachers as Activists

Sometimes you come across a piece of writing (thanks Claire!) that perfectly encapsulates your feelings on something —  in a much better way than you ever, ever could. And when you come across something like that, you feel like you just have to share it. So here’s David Chura’s piece from Huffington Post that got me…

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Jun 12 2013

Mornings with Malcolm X

“Don’t you believe there are any good white people?” I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I told her, “People’s deeds I believe in, Miss — not their words.” “What can I do?” she exclaimed. I told her, “Nothing.” She burst out crying, and ran out and up Lenox Avenue and caught a taxi. ~…

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Jun 11 2013

Giving Thanks

“School for fourteen years and my best teacher was experience” ~Common When you say that you want to be a teacher, people always ask you why. I guess they ask that to other people too, but it seems to me they ask teachers specifically. “Did you have a teacher that inspired you?” they always ask…

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Jun 10 2013

A Message to Sharon Liao

What inspired me to keep this blog (or at least try) is make an effort to talk back. If you know me personally, you know I will always tell it like it is, and won’t hold back. I want this opportunity to blog to express my own experience as a Teach for America corps member, in…

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